When Yung Denzel dropped a controversial song – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives – late last year, some of us saw the song as the preparation for a new project. Seems we were right after all. Without much publicity, the self-acclaimed chairman, M. I. Abaga, comes through with, Rendezvous, his fourth studio album and his seventh body of work.

With features on every song like his last album, MI makes another attempt at a come back to the mainstream.

In case you have not copped a copy, click here to do so, and hear what he has to offer.



Starting off the album, Mr. Incredible lets go of his usual ‘unusual’ way of starting an album this time with ‘Sunset’ featuring Chillz, Mr. Incredible gives an inkling of a new sound on the album.

Unlike his familiar use of a comic intro as seen on the last two albums. Sunset however is not a bad way to kick off an album. The trap feel on the song sets you ready for the rest of the tracks on the album and lets you know MI has been paying attention to the new change in sound.


When the King of the South and the King of the West decide to rendezvous, it’s only normal to see inviting sauce for the soup and enough stacks in the bars. ‘Soup’ featuring Cassper Nyovest is MI’s way of reminding us he still knows how to rap and Cassper’s way of holding it down for the South. The Higo produced track is definitely one that hip-hop cum trap lovers will love.

‘Playlist’ featuring Nonso Amadi is a personal favourite. The Nonso Amadi produced song with additional productions from MI will give you trips all through. Leaning heavily on the recent ‘Nonso Amadi sound’, MI shows his versatility as he switches between singing and rapping with ease. This is definitely a song to make you hit the repeat button.

On ‘Jungle’ with Tomi Thomas and Santi, a girl is being invited to the ‘jungle’ which is probably slang for a party. Even with good production on the song, it still doesn’t really do it for me. It’s probably a song I’d skip if it comes up on my playlist.


At this point, it’s safe to say MI dedicated this album to trap sound and it’s lovers.

Another trap song produced by Choc Boys Nation’s in-house producer, Ckay, ‘Wats D Level’ featuring Ckay and JoulesDaKid gives you that feel-good vibe. With witty lyrics added to the already good vibe the song has, this one might just find its way to hearts of trap lovers.

Personally, I was excited when I saw this song on the tracklist. A Wandecoal-assisted song, there was too much to expect from ‘Kososhi’. According to MI, this song was recorded 3 years ago but the production was updated by TMXO last year. However, you might be as disappointed as I was when I found out how short the song is. Barely enough time to get a feel of the song. It probably would have been one of the fans’ favourites if Wandecoal had the chance to say more. Well, kososhi.

‘Your Father’ featuring Dice Ailes was dropped before the album was released and even has a video out. It’s still a surprise it didn’t make it into the streets.

The catchy “Your Father”, that was being chanted almost all through the song is one slang that would get the regular Nigerian hyped. Dice Ailes just keeps giving us reasons to put him on our playlist. Good song all the way!

‘One way’ featuring Moelogo is another of my favourites. With top-notch productions from MI and Chopstix and an impressive hook from Moelogo, the song easily wins a place in your heart. By the way, who doesn’t love it when MI decides to sing?

Easily one of the best songs on the album, ‘Popping’ featuring Odunsi The

Engine and SDC gives that vibe that would make you put it on repeat. It is one of those songs you tend to enjoy more when you play it on a stereo speaker.

Everybody came through on this one with both lyrics and vibe.


You would have noticed by now that MI gave chances for young acts to shine on this album. Terry Apala as usual didn’t disappoint on ‘Jiggy’. The Fuji trapper brought his signature sound to this joint and gave it that Terry Apala sound we all love. MI seems to have adjusted just fine to this new sound too.

From the names on the feature on ‘Lekki’, you already know what to expect

from the song. Falz again proves that there hardly is a rapper who can outshine him when it comes to his style of music. Almost every artiste can relate to his verse. Ajebutter22 came through too on his verse with so many witty lines. I feel like MI’s verse was totally unnecessary. I had already forgotten he was on the song at the beginning of the third verse.

Yes, Blaqbonez got an MI feature! FuReal! ‘Slow’ with Strafftti and Blaqbonez has that

slow vibe that makes you focus on the lyrics more. Blaqbonez and Strafftti held their own side down. Who else noticed MI took a swipe at Hushpuppi?

‘The Crew’ with Yung L and UA.x issa jam. With an impressive production

from MI, GPlus and Chopstix, the artistes give the melody that would make you move your body involuntarily. Yung L reminds us that he hasn’t lost the touch he had on SOS. Another song that would make you hit the repeat button.

MI closes the album with ‘Sunrise’ featuring Trigga Madtonic. Ever since his impressive performance on Leriq’s The Lost Sounds, Madtonic has been one I’ve had my eyes on, my heart for, and and my ears open for. Okay cancel the heart part. LOL! He assists MI in creating a beautiful song here with his patois sound. This is no doubt, way too good a song to close an album with.

MI Abaga like on his last album, had features on every song on this album; there was no solo track to let us enjoy him alone without distraction from another artiste. With a total of 22 features, MI gives more reasons to believe he is still the chairman. Tapping mostly into current sounds, he proves that time has got nothing on him and that he is as versatile as he can get. When we realize that he has been around for over a decade and has survived the rise and fall of so many sounds, we’d appreciate his efforts on ‘Rendezvous’ more.



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