Stress Is About To Make You Sick
Stress Is About To Make You Sick

5 Warning Signs Stress Is About To Make You Sick

Stress Is About To Make You Sick
Stress Is About To Make You Sick

A little stress can be healthy….Yeah.

Stress is something Man can avoid….at least not completely…Hence it should be managed, and dealt with.

We all deal with stress from time to time, and in many ways.  Yes, a little stress is healthy but when prolonged, meaning it sticks around for weeks, months, or even years, it becomes chronic and can lead to negative changes or even a breakdown of your immune system and other biological functions of your body. Man must work hard, man must be stressed, yes, but man should not come and go and kill himself away…Fureal! Here are some of the negative implications of stress.

Fractured or Damaged Teeth

Psychological stress really can cause you to grind your teeth—both during the day and at night while you sleep…Fureal!

Teeth grinding can lead to tooth fractures, cavities, and other dental issues, making it a habit you’ll definitely want to break. So if you really love to grind after the day or week’s job, cool…Just NOT YOUR TEETH!! Find time to relax, get some rest or sleep.

Excess Weight

Long-term stress can cause you to add unnecessary weight. Wonder how yeah?

This is because stress promotes cravings for high-calorie food. Stress supports junk food all the time, cos it basically changes your eating routine. Most times making you a stop-and-grab. Of course, you know high-calorie or Junk foods can lead to unhealthy weight increase.

Aching Joints

Stress promotes low-grade inflammation, it can heighten symptoms of joints ache in different parts of your body.

Accumulated Fatigue

Many times we’ve had to give that auto-response – “I’m just tired.”

Yes, with stress you’re always tired. The links between stress and poor sleep are well-established. But even if you feel you’re sleeping well, there’s evidence that stress may trigger feelings of fatigue. And accumulated fatigue is a road that leads to many disasters. A slippery slope! Beware!!

Constant Headaches and Migraines

Migraines and Tension-type headaches have long been associated with stress.

Stress-triggered headaches aren’t the result of rising heart rates, but instead are tied to over-working yourself, even when stressed out, and not knowing when to say (to yourself) “Cut! Take a break”

Increase in Blood Pressure

Okay I think I should just say High Blood Pressure, cos many peeps are familiar with that and scared shitless of it.

Well, stress fires up your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn cranks up your blood pressure so that your limbs and muscles are ready for action. None of that is an issue in the short term. But over time, chronically elevated Blood Pressure can overwork your heart, leading to damaged arteries and blockages. Be careful to put stress in check to forestall a rise in BP-which can cause grave damage to your heart or even stop it!

Beware, what you see happening to Alex Usifo in Nollywood movies is FuReal!!


Now seeing the negative impacts of stress, Go ye and Stress no more….

And if you must stress, stay tuned to learn more on how to deal with stress.




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